The idea of Copper Brewing came together over a homebrewed beer. The founders, Darla Ariss and Sean White met at a mutual friends wedding. Sean, a homebrewer, made the beer for the wedding in his garage. Darla, who was intrigued by the beer wanted to know more about Sean’s hobby. When he explained that he was working on opening a brewery, the plan to build began.

The brewery opened for business after a 7 month build in August of 2019 in the Landmark District of Kelowna BC. Many hours (and beers) were burnt during construction to get to opening day. After only a year of operation, Copper Brewing has found itself a great following that we can call our friends. Known to many as Darla’s living room, we truly love the people that come into our space and cannot be more thankful for the support we have. Come by yourself and experience some good laughs, great times and genuinely good beer.

What’s With The Dog?

Meet Copper

The Bernese Mountain Dog on our cans is a tribute to our late mascot Copper. Four months before construction began on the brewery, Copper developed an auto immune disorder and ending up leaving us in September of 2018, he was 4 years old. His memory lives on and he continues to be our mascot on every can we produce, and at the brewery.

Rest In Peace Copper - 2018