BEERS & BRICKS—Harry Potter House Banner

Saturday, Oct. 7
6pm - 9pm

Join us for our Harry Potter Themed Beers & Bricks!

Take a seat under the sorting hat to find out which house you are destined for and let the games begin! Saturday Oct. 7th from 6-9pm.


  • Door at 6pm—you will be assigned a seat based off your ticket purchase (2 or 6 people) so please wait to be seated upon arrival
  • At 6:45 the sorting hat will come out and will select your “house”
  • Building will begin at 7pm
  • During the event we will be playing Harry Potter themed music and movies.
  • Dress up! You know you want to
  • Happy Hour runs 7-10pm
  • There will also be prizes and merch giveaways for contests in between building

Ticket for 6 people includes: 2 Lego Kits and 6 glasses of beer—your choice!

Ticket for 2 people includes: 1 Lego Kit and 2 glasses of beer—your choice!

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